Green Building & Climate Change?

Some might wonder; “What on earth does the way I choose to build my home have to do with climate change?”.

The answer; The way most of us in developed countries live has a large impact on climate change and that includes the way we build our homes.

It includes the materials we use and the processes used to produce them. It includes the amount of waste produced from typical construction methods. It includes the appliances we use to store food, wash clothing, etc. It includes the types and amounts of energy we use to power those homes, and one might even go so far as to say that it includes a host of other seemingly unrelated factors that in some small way impact other areas of our lives that contribute to the overall problem.

In order to address the problem of climate control we need to consider our overall carbon footprint which means evaluating overall how we live.

Don’t panic though because just like any other big change, it starts with making little changes that all together add up to a big result.

The sustainable building / development articles of this site are intended to inform and educate visitors on what they can do to effect climate change by making changes in the way they approach the problem of providing adequate, comfortable, and practical shelter.

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