Universal Climate Symbol

SaveOurClimate.org is introducing the all new Universal Climate Symbol in order to help unify organizations that support various efforts that tie into the effort to effect positive changes that will ultimately effect our climate.

So many different types of organizations approach various efforts whether they be for clean energy, energy efficiency, reducing emissions, using alternative building methods which reduce our carbon footprint, or just about any other “green” project most of them are intimately linked to reversing the damage done which is affecting climate change.

We have introduced a new symbol which we hope will tie these organizations together called the “Universal Climate Symbol”

Anyone can use this image but there are some restrictions in it’s use.

Individuals may use the symbol in any non commercial way they wish.

Non – commercial organizations can use it freely in all communications about climate change whether via print, electronic media, or the internet. We ask only that if you use the logo in online media you also provide a link back to this website and approved link code will be provided through this site.

Commercial Organizations must request and be approved to use this logo in their promotions of any sort.

Media & Media Companies may use the symbol to inform the public about it’s use.

Any other than what is published here must get permission through the owners of this website to use the symbol.